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A complete solution for your health & fitness goals.

    A Better Way

    Changes--to truly stay changed--are best done in an incremental fashion. A habit or pattern that has been ingrained won't be undone over night. Therefore, our approach to health and nutrition focuses on easing a client into a new lifestyle. We start with 1 or 2 small changes to your current routine and as those changes become habit, we continue to add more and more over time.

    Tracking Changes

    Results need to be measured. And the more data points we can acquire, the better suited we'll be to provide truly tailored advice--specific to your situation and goals. With our Nutrition Coaching Program, clients benefit from our ability to monitor their progress in multiple areas including muscle mass, body fat mass, hydration level, individual muscular density of the torso & extremities, Basal Metabolic Rate, and more!

    The Right Balance

    Nutrition can be a tricky thing. Down right mystifying at times. We take out the uncertainty. When you meet weekly with a nutrition coach, not only do you receive guidance and suggestions to make you more successful, you also learn the why of the process. Understanding the reason behind your actions will allow you to create a healthier lifestyle where you're the master of your meals, not a slave to them.

Our Story

We're an independently owned health & nutrition store, located in Vancouver, WA. Our specialty is meal planning services for weight loss and general health. The Certified Nutrition Coaches here have worked with all types of clients, from soccer moms to professional MMA fighters. This is the type of store where we know each other by first name and you can feel comfortable asking uncomfortable questions. We're exceptional at what we do and our service speaks for itself.

Our Team

Down to earth advice from real people with real experience
Jon Cromer
Personal Trainer & Certified Nutrition Coach
Jay Pense
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Champion

    Stop putting off feeling good. Get started with a Nutrition Coach!


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      21 Day “Spring Cleaning” plan

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      30 Day Detox

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      Nutritional Supplements

      Max Muscle Vancouver is your go-to location for supplements, vitamins, and most of all, knowledge.  Our aim is to educate and leave each customer with an experience that will keep them coming back. Interested in our product line?  Swing by our store or check out MaxMuscle.com  

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