Body Composition

Complete Body Composition Testing — Fat, Muscle, Hydration & more!

Find out more than just your body fat percentage!  At Max Muscle, we utilize a BioSpace InBody 230 machine which is 99% as accurate as DXA (DXA is the “gold standard” in body composition testing–it’s as accurate as you can get short of cutting yourself open and analyzing the tissue cell by cell).

With the InBody, a client can find out their total weight, lean body mass, how many pounds of water their body is holding, how many pounds of muscle is on their frame, their BMI, their percent body fat, their basal metabolic rate (BMR), and their segmented muscle mass (i.e. how many pounds of muscle is in each arm, leg, and torso).  All of the information is displayed on a print out that the client receives a copy of and the store files away until their next visit.

No appointment is necessary to have an InBody scan done.  It only costs $10 and takes less than 2 minutes.

Some tips to improve your body composition scan results:

  • Wear light clothing (no heavy pants or coats)
  • Make sure to scan on an empty stomach (your last meal should be approx. 2 hours prior to a scan)
  • Drink plenty of water! (the better hydrated you are, the more accurate your results will be)
  • Do not workout approx. 2 hours prior to a scan
  • Give yourself at least 3 hours between waking up and having a scan
Body Composition Testing -- more than just body fat

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