Meal Plans

Custom Meal Planning — Tailored to you!

After a consultation has been done, a custom meal plan can be created to address the needs and requirements of the client.  Meals and recipes are chosen to best suit the client’s likes/dislikes and schedule thus making it easy to stay on track.

A typical meal plan consists of breakfast, a snack, lunch, another snack in the afternoon, dinner, and often times a high protein snack before bed.  However, each of these meals are specific to the activity level & schedule of the client.  A truck driver who’s stuck in his seat the majority of the day will have meals that are simple enough to eat without heating up/cooking.  On the flip side, an individual with a less restrictive schedule will find themselves with a wider range of options.  That’s the whole idea behind the meal plan though; we find the foods/meals that you like & work for you.

A custom created meal plan starts at $99 and provides you a Mon-Sun guide on how, what, & when to eat.

What Meal Planning Provides:

  • Nutrition Consultation to determine your likes, dislikes, schedule & caloric requirements
  • A complete body composition scan to provide a snapshot of your current physiology
  • Meals & recipes for a 7 day week, tailored to your tastes and schedule that can be easily prepped at home
  • A Shopping list that details what you need to buy for the week
  • Suggestions & advice from an experienced professional
  • A healthy, sustainable way of eating that improves the quality of your life
Custom Meal Planning

Get scheduled for a meal plan now & start on the path to a healthier, more productive YOU!

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