Nutrition Coaching — Because everyone can benefit from a coach!

Everybody needs a coach.  Even the highest level professional athletes surround themselves with a team of coaches to ensure they’re making the proper progress.  Nobody knows all the answers, and two heads are always better than one, so a coach can be a vital tool in your health & fitness arsenal.  Let your coach come up with a strategy, teach you some valuable skills, and then show you how to put it all together–you just have to follow the playbook!

What to expect with a nutrition coach?

Nutrition coaching is a service of education.  Through coaching, clients learn to become a healthier version of themselves.  While working with a coach, clients develop an understanding of how and why to pair certain types of foods, what kinds of meals are best suited for different points in the day, and how micronutrients play a major role in their health and wellness.

Clients meet once a week with their coach for body composition analysis, to discuss any issues or questions they may have, and to tweak their calorie consumption if deemed necessary.  Your coach is always available to you through email, text, or calls and any burning questions can usually be cleared up through one of those methods if the client doesn’t want to wait for their usual check-in day.

A coaching program provides many benefits to an individual, but the biggest key to success is no doubt the accountability.  Weekly check-ins keep clients on the right track.  It’s much easier to stick to the plan when you have help, especially on the weekends when many of us tend to abandon our healthy habits in lieu of something easy.

Don’t be a slave to your stomach–find  out how easy healthy eating can actually be with the right coach & plan!

Coaching programs start at $99/month

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Nutrition Coaching

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