Personal Training

Personal & Small Group Training

Personal Training

Take things to the next level with the addition of a personal trainer.  One on one coaching attention can be the catalyst some clients require to increase their rate of progress, push past a plateau, or find the needed accountability to make it to the gym.  Finally have a cohesive program for both your fitness and nutrition.

Session:  50 minutes / $45

Small Group Training (2-5 people)

Everything is always more fun with your friends!  And it’s always easier to make progress with a group of like-minded people.  Small group training is perfect for couples looking for another avenue to spend time together while doing something good for their bodies as well as great for office pals interested in staying fit but might be lacking motivation.

Session:  50 minutes / $25 per person (minimum 2 people)

Why Use A Personal Trainer?

  • Optimize your workout time
  • Accurate assessments
  • Exercise safety through proper form, load selection, and adequate rest time–do you know the proper rep range for 80% 1RM?  How about the most effective rest lengths for muscle growth, fat loss, or improving endurance?
  • Accountability
  • Every single professional athlete on the planet employs the services of 1 or more trainers–are you more experienced than a professional athlete?
  • A trainer will push you past your comfort zone–you will stop just short of that (it’s human nature)
  • Personalization–you can’t get this from workout routines & templates you found online.
  • Motivation–encouragement is key when the chance of failure looms.
  • Improved flexibility with assisted stretching.
  • Injury rehabilitation

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Personal training will help you reach your health & fitness goals

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